Monday, December 30, 2013

The Second Stop

So, I received the dress from Kristin last Thursday, Dec 26, but am not making much progress getting the dress on any of my bunnies. Bao Bao allows it to drape over his back, but squirms away once I try to velcro it around his belly. Luna hates the dress and boxes it if it moves too much.

I put the dress on Bao Bao, and Luna boxed it while it was draped over him -- consequently, she basically boxed Bao Bao and then he got mad and chased Luna in a frenzy. >_>

Squishy, on the other hand... I haven't tried at all yet, since I would still like to keep my fingers intact. He's a sassy little biter. I'll probably try him after I get the dress successfully on Bao Bao and Luna first.

In the meantime, though, I put the dress on my cat, Mimi, since he's great at going along with whatever emasculating costumes I put him in. :) Enjoy the kitty pictures while I still work getting the dress acclimated to the bunnies!

Sitting prettily.

Shows off that fluffy tail!

Yes, please give me the treats...

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